Rules & Regulation
SNo. Desription  
1. C.G. State Warehousing Corporation Regulation 1962
2. C.G. State Warehousing Corporation Rules 1971
3. C.G. Agriculture Warehouse Rules 1961 छ. ग. एग्रीकल्चर वेयरहाउस रूल्स 1961
4. C.G. State Warehousing Corporation Staff Regulation 1962 छ. ग. स्टेट वेयरहाउसिंग कार्पोरेशन स्टाफ रेगुलेशन 1962
5. C.G. State Warehousing Corporation (Grade A,B,C & D) Regulation Service Recruitment & Promotion Regulation 1985 छ.ग. स्टेट वेयरहाउसिंग कार्पोरेशन (ग्रेड ए.,बी.,सी. एवं डी.) रेगुलेशन सर्विस रिक्यूपमेंट एंड प्रमोशन रेग्युलेशन 1985
6. C.G. State Warehousing Corporation employees Provident Fund Regulation 1963
7. C.G. State Warehousing Corporation(Payment of Gratuty) Regulation 1973
8. Technical & Quality Control Manual
9. Accounting Manual
10. Storage Charges List & Payment Terms
11. Functions and Procedures of Branches
12. The Charge Exchange Procedure of Branches
13. The Procedure for General Inspection of Branches
14. Working Method for Sudden Repair Work in Branches
15. Rules and procedure for The materials used in the Corporation's Merchandising / Settlement
16. निगम में प्राथमिक विवेचना सामग्रियों का क्रय विक्रय / निस्तारण हेतु नियम एवं कार्यविधि
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