About Us
What We Do
  • We Scientifically Store Agricultural Produce.
  • We provide pest-free and secure inventory to depositors.
  • Cooperation in the successful implementation of the public distribution system.
  • Provide handling and transportation services to Depositors if requested.
  • Construction of godowns in state.
  • Help farmers and traders to get loan on the security of warehouse receipt from banks at the prevailing rate of interest on their stored inventory.
  • External pesticide Extension Service scheme.
Our Clients
  • C.G. State Civil Supplies
  • Food Corporation of India
  • National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India
  • Marketing Fedration LTD
  • Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-Oprative LTD
  • C.G. State Beverages Corporation
  • C.G. State Minor Forest Produce Co-Oprative Fedration
  • Trader
  • Farmer
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